Welcome to the Myrtle Beach Winter Bump!!

Play Schedules will be posted on AES as event nears.

Here is important information regarding our Winter Bump Volleyball Classic Tournament. Please make sure you understand all the information provided to ensure a smooth tournament process.

All teams please check your status in the tournament and confirm the location.

Deadline for team drops is December 15th for a full refund
We have a number of teams on the waitlist. Accepted teams have until December 15th to drop and receive a full refund. Please let us know sooner if possible. Any drop between Dec. 15th and Dec. 29th will get a 50% refund. After Dec. 20th no refund for a team dropping out of the tournament.

Teams on the waitlist
If you are on the waitlist it means we have received your payment but could not accept you into the tournament because the division you entered was full. Your payment has not been deposited. You have a few options: 1) Move to Charleston in a division that has space. We have several spots in Charleston in our select divisions. 2) Remain on the waitlist for your division. 3) Withdraw from the tournament. Given the circumstances spots may open up at any time.

Rosters and JVA
The tournament is open to any affiliation. Following is JVA information to complete your rosters on AES. Coaches will need to have a printed roster at team check-in.

JVA Background Screening Event Roster REQUIREMENT
Read all instructions below and then click here: https://jvaregistration.sportngin.com/register/form/596266958

-If you have a USAV screen/SafeSport training, on the affiliations page, select USAV. Enter in your current USAV number. You do NOT have to pay anything and you do NOT have to take the APS training. When you get to the APS training, just closeout.

-If you do not have a USAV screen and you need to take the JVA screen, on the affiliations page, select None of the Above or AAU. Fill out all background screen information and pay the $38. It is a two-year screen so you will not have to pay again next year. Then take the APS training.

-Upon completion of this registration, JVA does imports into AES 2-3 times a week. USAV registrations will be imported right away and the JVA registrations will be imported as soon as the screen and APS training is completed.

Tournament Waves
IMPORTANT: AM wave will start at 8am. Doors will open at 7am. PM Wave will start at 3:30pm. Teams playing in the PM Wave should not enter the facility until 2:30pm. We are trying to eliminate the merge of traffic from the AM and PM waves.

Winter Bump Wave Information

Myrtle Beach: 
AM = 12s, 13s, 14 Club, 15 Club (4 pools)
PM = 15 Club, 16 Club, 17 Club

AM = 14 Open, 15/16 Open, 17/18 Open
PM = 14 Select, 15 Select, 16/17 Select, 18 Club

Team Check-In, Ticket, and Merchandise sales

Ticket prices:
$30 for 3 day pass
$15 per day
12 and under free
*Tickets are available at the door or can be pre-purchased for Myrtle Beach ONLY

Myrtle Beach – Teams can check-in Friday night from 6-8 pm at the Convention Center or Saturday at your playing location. The Myrtle Beach Sports Center has a separate Team entrance. Follow the signs. Ticket and Merchandise sales are also available from 6-8 pm Friday at the Convention Center and all day Saturday and Sunday at your location.

Charleston – Teams can check-in Friday night from 6-8 pm at the Convention Center. Ticket and Merchandise sales are also available from 6-8 pm Friday at the Convention Center and all day Saturday and Sunday while supplies last.

Covid-19 Protocols
The Winter Bump wishes everyone to stay safe and healthy at our event. You should expect the event to be crowded so use your discretion on attending if you are not comfortable. For those who wish to stay at home, the event will be live-streamed on BallerTV. We are not requiring masks and expecting everyone to be personally responsible. If anyone is showing Covid symptoms or feeling ill, please do not attend.

Spectators (strongly encouraged)
– Any vulnerable person should consider staying home.
– Do not come if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms such as fever.
– Wash and sanitize hands consistently at the event.
– Practice social distancing as much as possible.
– Encouraged to stay within your family groups.
– After your team plays please exit the court area to allow for the other teams families to be courtside.

Players and Teams
– Encouraged to stay within your team groups and social distance when possible.
– Teams who are not working or playing should exit the court area and social distance.
– Do not attend if you are showing any Covid-19 symptoms.
– Wash and sanitize hands consistently at the event.
– Bring your own water and warm-up balls.


We will send another update as we get closer to the event.

We appreciate your attendance and despite the challenges will do all we can to exceed your tournament expectations and have another awesome Winter Bump.